August 24, 2017

Why Satyam Vedic Yoga School??

1. Yoga has become immensely  popular worldwide :-

 As a result, yoga centers have come up almost everywhere to cater to its ever-increasing demand.

 As Yoga has become a lucrative career, some very ambitious people have entered this professional, because of whom its divinity, purity and sanctity has been sacrificed.

"Satyam Vedic Yoga School":-

Teaches Yoga through the original traditional methods integrating them with the modern scientific techniques as we have mastered both with our vast experience and expertise.This unique blend of traditional insights and modern research results in huge material as well as spiritual benefits for the seekers.

2. Subtle is greater than gross:-

We use high quality techniques to teach Yoga to our students. We always try to improve our quality by taking suggestions and feedbacks of the seekers and incorporating them wherever possible. To optimise the quality of teaching, we do not accept more than 20 trainees in a group. This ensures that every student gets personal attention.

3. Qualified and Experienced Trainers:-

We have a motivated team of  highly qualified and experienced trainers who are always ready to go an extra mile.

4. Besides teaching Yoga, we ensure that our trainees maintain a pure and healthy lifestyle:-

Therefore we ensure that the seekers stick to a lifestyle closer to nature including wholesome Sattvik food, which is an integral part of Yogic life. A harmonious lifestyle increases the impact of Yoga manifold.