Yoga Retreat

Retreat course

 Yoga Retreat :-

Yoga Retreat Course for beginners & practitioners. It’s a short duration Yoga courses to invigorate body, mind and soul. Yoga Retreats is a minified version of Yoga Teacher Training emphesizing on the practical aspect of Yoga with light on the philosophical aspect. Students will learn and practice different asanas (yoga postures), Pranayama (control on breath), Dhyana (meditation), Ayurvedic massage along with learning nutritive and preventive health care mechanism.

Retreat Daily Schedule


Wake Up call 6:00 AM
Herbal Tea Time 7:00 AM

Morning Yoga

Group morning practice: asana (postures)Hatha Yoga

7:30 AM

Jala Neti

Yogic nasal cleansing with neti pot./pranayama

8:30 AM
Yogic Breakfast 9:30 AM


Personal Time: rest, relax at the beach, self-study/practice, private classes(on demand) 10:00-12:30 PM
Yogic Lunch 1:00pm

Leisure Time

Personal Time: rest, relax at the beach, self-study/practice

Herbal Tea Time & Snacks 4:00pm


Evening Yoga
Dynamic Hatha/ Ashtanga and Vinyasa
Varies from day to day between Japa Meditation, Inner Sound, Antar Mouna, Mantra Meditation, Breath Meditation, Silent Meditation
Yogic Dinner 8:00pm

Sunday is an optional program day so the yoga retreat schedule is different. There is a shortened yoga class in the morning, afternoon yoga class, and evening meditation and three meals are served. The rest of the day is free for program participants to do as they please. This day gives our guests the opportunity to rest, read, self-practise, enjoy the beach or go on an excursion. Check out the surrounding area.

We like to recommend starting your retreat on a Monday.

Fees for Yoga Retreat 3 days:  US$ 175

Fees for Yoga Retreat 5 days:  US$ 230

Fees for Yoga Retreat 7 days:  US$ 290

Fees for Yoga Retreat 10 days:  US$ 415

Fees for Yoga Retreat 14 days:  US$ 580

Fees for Yoga Retreat 21 days:  US$ 870

Fees for Yoga Retreat 28 days:  US$ 1160

The fees include all courses, accommodation and meals.

Yoga Retreat