Rules and Regulations

  1. Students have to deposit a non-refundable admission fees to book their seats for a particular course. If a student fails to take admission in the chosen programme, their deposited admission fees would be lapsed. However in specific cases, the institute may adjust the deposited fees for admitting the candidate to another programme offered by the institute. This adjustment is be permissible only within six months of depositing the admission fees.
  2. Before admission, the students have to submit a detailed report of their Medical Fitness from a recognized authority.
  3. The student himself will be held responsible for any sprain, muscle pull or physical injury received during the training. Therefore, the students are advised to extra careful and do the physical exercises (Yoga postures and asanas) judiciously keeping in mind their physical capacity/ limitations and medical background while following the guidelines of their instructors.
  4. The students are expected to be regular in attending their classes. Those with less than 80 % attendance will not be allowed to sit in the final exam, and they will not be awarded any certificate from the institute. Nor will be such students eligible for any fees refund from the institute.
  5. The students must be within institute premises before 10 pm after which the gates will be closed.
  6. On a particular day, if you want to have your meals outside the institute premises, you have inform the school mess in advance.
  7. Use of any intoxicant, drugs strictly prohibited within the institute premises. If anyone if found using drugs, he’ll be expelled from the institute and no fees will be refunded.
  8. You are expected to keep the campus clean and help us manage it better.
  9. Keep the things in order, before leaving the room.
  10. Eatables, mobile phones and other gadgets are banned in the Yoga hall.
  11. You are expected to maintain a peaceful environment in the institute and strictly follow the institute timetable by going to bed on time and getting up early for the classes.
  12. Satyam Vedic Yoga School considers all the Yoga equipments like mat, belt etc. to be holy and venerable. Therefore, you are expected to keep them in their designated place and treat them with respect.
  13. You should always be friendly, polite and courteous to your fellow-students, trainers and employees of Satyam Vedic Yoga Family. This will earn you respect and admiration of others. We serve our students with the spirit of ‘Guest is God.’