The meaning of our logo

We have many different sources of energy in our body, which we call the 7 chakras in Yoga. With the 7 flower petals in our logo, we are referring to those 7 chakras. During the practice of Yoga, we can activate those energy sources. At Satyam Vedic Yoga School, our goal is to continuously work on all 7 chakras with our students. We want to activate the combination of those energies, which is called Kundalini energy. This is symbolized with the shape of a circle in our logo. The rising sun, which is the sign of progress and growth, was the model for the selection of the orange colour in this circle. Furthermore, it’s also the colour we chose for our school in general.

Activating this energy is a steady process that requires much patience and calmness. The nature in our logo refers to this patience: our earth is continuously taking care of all living creatures with great effort and no complain. The holy river Ganga, our mother, can also be found in our logo. It symbolizes the steadiness and calmness that we need for our Yoga practice to achieve the higher stage. The higher stage and goal of Yoga – like the peak of a mountain in our beautiful Himalaya – is to experience the great power of OM, the universal truth. In Yoga, OM is also the origin of the world, the source of all lives.

At Satyam Vedic Yoga School, we are deeply believing in the true (satyam) and traditional (vedic) meaning of Yoga. That’s why we carefully created a logo that reflects our thoughts and believes. If you want to get to know the true and traditional Yoga, please contact us and join us in one of our classes or retreats. You will soon feel the great benefits of practicing Yoga in its original way. OM

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