Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Next Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh: 3.-31. August 2024

At Satyam Vedic Yoga School, we are offering you a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, that is registered at Yoga Alliance. Read here about the criteria of this worldwide yoga teaching standard. In this training, we want to teach you all the educational categories that you need to become a yoga teacher yourself. For people that can’t spend 4 weeks with us, we also offer 100hrs courses for 2 weeks. Below you can find the daily schedule as well as explanation of each category.


  • Ashtanga Vinyasa & Shatkarma (07:00 – 08:30)
  • Breakfast (08:45)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (09:30 – 10:30)
  • Pranayama / Mudra / Banda (10:40 – 11:25)
  • Yoga Philosophy (11:30 – 12:30)
  • Lunch Break (12:45)
  • Alignment (14:00 – 15:00)
  • Tea (15:10)
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga (16:00 – 17:30)
  • Mantra Chanting / Meditation (17:45 – 18:30)
  • Dinner (19:30)

Subjects of the YTTC

Traditional Hatha Yoga
Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures. The word “hatha” can be translated in two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation. This class is focusing on the practice of Hatha Yoga asanas.

Ashtanga Vinyasa
Ashtnga Vinyasa is a practical class of asana. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic way of doing asanas, where we are following the traditional sequences. In this way, we are focussing on the flow of the practice with Ujjayi Breath. To get a deeper understand for Ashtanga Vinyasa, we also teach basic theory in this class.

The Shatkarmas are the six purification techniques mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Shatkarma makes the body clean, strong and free of diseases. It removes toxins and improves concentration. It also improves the flow of prana into the organs. The six techniques are Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalabhati and will be introduced in our class.

Anatomy and Physiology
In our Anatomy & Physiology class, we are teaching the structure of the body. When we are working with our body, we have to work according its nature. That’s why a profound knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is very important for professional Yoga teachers as well as self practitioners.

Pranayama / Mudra / Bandha
In the Pranayama class, we are teaching breathing techniques and exercises. Through them, we’re increasing the capacity of our lunges. Pranayama is an important organ of the traditional yogic way where we are working on bringing ourselves to the highest state of consciousness (“Samadhi”). This is a practical and theoretical class.

Yoga Philosophy
What is Yoga? Where does it come from? What is the meaning of the word “Yoga”? What is the real aim of Yoga? Those questions and all other fundamental principles of Yoga are the subject of discussion in our Philosophy class.

To get a healthy body and be a good yoga instructor, it’s very important to know the correct way to do asanas. That’s why we included the alignment class in our schedule. In this class we are explaining the asanas step by step including modification techniques. This is important because some asanas are quite challenging for beginners and for their professional support, the teacher needs to know about proper adjustments.

Mantra Chanting
A mantra is a sacred verse or sound. Recited or chanted in Sanskrit, it symbolically conveys the spiritual dimension of yoga. The word-by-word translations and commentaries will offer you a conscious and profound access to yoga philosophy. Many Mantras are recited during the practice. “OM” is one of the most powerful mantras.

Meditation is the state of focussing the mind. We have many techniques for reaching this state, which we will introduce to you in this class. This is a practical class, where you will get a first impression of your energy. You will soon feel a positive effect on your mind and your way of thinking.

Pricing & Register

Fees for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course:  US$ 1200
Fees for 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course: US$ 750
The fees include all courses, accommodation and meals. If you have any questions regarding the YTTCs or if you want to register for our next training, please send us an email. We will be happy to provide you with any information you need.