Yoga and moon, an important relation

Does Yoga and moon have any relation? Many people are telling, they can’t sleep during full moon. That’s very common and an accepted opinion, but not always the reason behind it is completely understood. For that, we have to realize the connection between the moon and our body. The moon has a special effect on the earth, that we can watch during the high and low tides of the see. Through the moon’s gravitational pull, tidal forces come into existence. If we keep in mind that our body is made about 70% of water, the effect of the moon on our body seems comprehensible. 

But there are different phases of the moon and in Yoga as well as in our “normal”, daily life, it’s important that we’re not only looking keep an eye on the full moon but also on the other phases. The start of a new cycle is always the new moon. In the phase of new moon, the moon’s position is between the earth and the sun. In a spiritual way, this is a good time for starting something new, doing a ceremony for new projects, fasting or going for any other purification process. This quality keeps on going but is getting less until the full moon is reached. 

The full moon is a time with a lot of power. The moon is – from the viewpoint of the sun – behind the earth and therefore we can feel its complete power. Again this is a good time for fasting. It’s also a good time for meditations on the moon and its power. Be aware that during full moon challenging Yoga classes like Ashtanga classes are not recommended, because our body is already busy with processing the power of the moon. After the full moon, the cycle comes slowly to an end, before a new cycle is starting again with new moon. 

If we are aware of the power and phases of the moon and take them into account in our daily routine, we can live a much easier life. In that case it’s not accidentally happening, that we’re suddenly loosing power or we’re not so much astonished about the positive or negative outcome of an event. We can plan our life in line with nature and use the natural resources for our projects.

We found a very interesting website where you can read more about astrological insights, if you’re interested. If you want to know more about the relation between yoga and the moon, we are inviting you to join one of our Yoga Teacher Training courses. In our philosophy classes, we will give you more information about the different aspects of nature that influence our yoga path. Take care and try to live in accordance with the phases of nature. Soon you will feel the great opportunities, the power and the peace. Om.